Red quinoa has a more earthy taste.



Its high anthocyanin content gives you the dark which is known as black quinoa.

tres colores

White quinoa is regarded as the traditional quinoa seed.

Quinoa marks the direction to improve your quality of life

The artisans

Our products are made by artisans who use typical materials of different origins. Inspired by their traditional identity. They produce unique works of art, which show the passion of the craftsmen

The farmers

Our quinoa is grown by farmers at an altitude of 3800 meters, through the climactical difficulties encountered in the Andean region. Farmers continue to use ancestral and communal methods of the Incas, including sustainable land management, use of agro-biodiversity and respect for Pachamama (Mother Earth).


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Wiraccocha is a growing Ducht company committed to providing quality South American products.

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